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18"x20" - 1mil Clear Turkey Bags (100 per pack)

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Skunkworx Packaging High Quality Turkey Bags
Skunkworx Packaging's bags are Made in the USA from FDA food‐contact approved materials, and are completely BPA free.

Not just for turkeys anymore, these bags are the industry standard for gardeners and Skunkworx Packaging's bags are no exception. They are produced by the #1 manufacturer in the United States for blown Nylon bags and you can count on them for exceptional quality and strength. In fact, we've been shocked by customers who have blown them up, tied them and then proceeded to sit on them without them popping or leaking. Not exactly an ASTM standard test method, but these seals hold!

Remember, if it's not Skunkworx, it stinks!

Bag Specifications:
• Dimensions: 18" x 20" / 457.2mm x 508mm
• Thickness: 1 mil / 0.0254mm
• 100 Per Box
• Weight: 0.487oz – 0.511oz / 13.8g – 14.5g
• Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR): 2.6cc/100sqin/24 hours
• Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR): 19g/100sqin/24 hours
• Temperature range: ‐100 °F to 400 °F / ‐73 °C to 204 °C

Skunkworx is owned and operated by a Packaging Engineer with degrees in Packaging Science and Business plus 23 years’ experience in the food, pharma, personal care and nutraceutical industries.

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