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20'x100' 6mil Roll - Woven PE Sheeting

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Skunkworx Packaging ‐ Woven Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting

Skunkworx Packaging's plastic sheeting is Made in the USA!

This woven poly sheeting is made with lightweight interwoven poly strips. It is a heavy-duty film that resists tears in any direction.  This easy to handle material is flexible, durable, and reusable. It is ideal for weather protection, enclosures, abatement, containment and much more.
The String poly is manufactured from a triple laminate of low density polyethylene, with a special strengthening additive, and it is then reinforced with cross tied polyester cord.

• Temporary walls
• Weather-proofing
• Under mulch in landscaping

Clear or translucent polyethylene sheets are strong absorbers of sunlight, and trap heat. Another advantage of clear poly over black poly is the translucence and visibility through the clear plastic sheeting.

Remember, if it's not Skunkworx, it stinks!

Sheet Specifications:
• Thickness: 6mil

Skunkworx is owned and operated by a Packaging Engineer with degrees in Packaging Science and Business plus 23 years’ experience in the food, pharma, personal care and nutraceutical industries.

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