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39¢ 3oz CLEAR GLASS JARS with Child Resistant Caps - only $0.39/jar!

  • Product Code: 100204
  • Availability: In Stock

This is the best deal you're going to find and the highest quality too!

Don't be fooled by others that sell you the jar and cap separately and then tack on tariffs and delivery costs.


$0.3866 per jar with cap x 150,000 = $57,990 (they're actually less than 39¢ each!)

3oz clear glass jars with Child Resistant Caps

These elegant jars are the perfect size for eighths and will put your product in the best light. Glass has high chemical-resistance and has an extremely high resistance to heat and cold. These jars are great for storing your flowers. All glass that we offer is lead free.

$0.39 per jar when you order a full container load of 150,000 jars which includes 150,000 child resistant caps.

Includes cost of shipping to your location.
Please allow a minimum of 6 weeks for your order.  Plan ahead this season so you can take advantage of these great savings!

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